bear rug

Submitted by Joey on 5/31/99. ( )

I have a customer who had another taxidermist send off a bear hide for him. When the customer got the hide back it had been shaved too thin and had hair coming through the skin side. He wants me to make a rug for him but it hasn't been stretched. What is the best way to do this other than sending it to a professional?

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Bear Rug

This response submitted by Dan on 5/31/99. ( )

Joey, it has a lot to do with the time of year the bear was taken, sometimes the hair roots are so deep, some will pull through the other side. This has happened to me before with bear that has been sent out. If the hair is tight on the fur side you should not have any problems. As for streching, I take it, it came back dry tanned. you can re-wet,mount the head, strech it out, and tack it down skin side up then let it dry again. you will also have to cut the folds at the neck, arm pits, and in front of the hind leggs to make it lay flat then re-sow. Depending on the tan, oil and break it as it drys. good luck. Dan

no brushing

This response submitted by Rob on 6/1/99. ( )

I,m sure the hide is fine.Early fall bear often have the hair showing through.My advise is to mount the head and let a pro do the rugging.If you must do it though rehydrate the body skin with a sponge and water,might take a while.Do not brush the hair side untill the skin side is completely dry.When the skin is relaxed you can pull those hairs completely through and have a not so hairy rug.After the rug dries the skin will tighten back up and then you can groom it without any problems.

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