Thawing Frozen Capes?

Submitted by Kevin on 6/2/99. ( )

I was wondering how most of you thaw your frozen capes? Do you soak them in a solution to thaw, and if so what kind and what mixture are you using? Or do you let them thaw out in a fridge without worrying about a solution? Thanks.

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This response submitted by Tim on 6/2/99. ( )

Hi Kevin,
I just let them thaw in the fridge. You want to keep the hair dry. Are
they still raw and need to be turned or are they tanned? I take mine out the night before and they are ready for me in the morning. Good Luck! Tim

Raw Hides

This response submitted by Kevin on 6/2/99. ( )

I should of said they were raw, forgot. I usually let the tanned ones thaw in the fridge.


This response submitted by Leanna on 6/2/99. ( )

Hi Kevin, I like to insert a hook through bottom edge of hide,(leave at least an inch of hide on top side, so it doesnt tear through) and hang it from the ceiling, so the air circulates all around the hide. Otherwise, the side of the hide laying against table or floor all nite, stays frozen. If I hang it around 10-11pm its usually thawed by 8am, with ears and face still slightly froze, which works, because by the time I get the hide itself fleshed, face will be ready to work on.

Bungee cords work good for this.

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