Cougar Tanning

Submitted by Dan on 6/5/99. ( )

I have a lifesize cougar that i am tanning, after pickel and 2nd shave the hair is starting to slip on the hind leggs. So after i apply Liqua Tan, should i let it dry completly then soak it back or let it start to dry (5hrs.) and then freeze it. i never had a problem with hair slipping before and I am stumped. Any information would be helpful. Thanks Dan

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hair slippage

This response submitted by frank on 6/5/99. ( )

Could be two problems here. One are you shaving the hide to close to the hair folicals. Next pior to your pickle did you let your skin dry out with salt on it and then rehydrate the hide? Then was your pickle set at the right acid 2.0 or lower? And I would mout it carefully and let the hair set on the manikin. Hopefully this will stop most of the slippage. Ps ( don't comb out the hair till the hide is dryed out)

Let it dry

This response submitted by Mark on 6/5/99. ( )

Dan Frank is right but I would probably let it dry completly
before you do anything.

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