Will Liquid-Tan wash out?

Submitted by Terry Miller on 3/30/99. ( Miller_T@mail.kearney.k12.mo.us )

First, this forum is awesome!!! I really appreciate those who provided it and those who are asking and answering questions! My concern lies with my pickling/tanning/washing process. I flesh my deer hides, salt 2 days, pickle with formic acid 2 days at 2.5 ph,drain and beam shave(haven't obtained a fleshing machine,yet), return to pickle for a day, neutralize to 4.5 by raising pickle with baking soda, drain and dry inside hide with towels, apply warm Liquid-tan, leave overnight, freeze until ready to mount. Once thawed out, I quickly wash hide in water and Dawn, then rinse twice, and spin excess water out in a washing machine. Every thing appears to be okay but since I am not shaving as thin as you can with a fleshing machine, is the liquid-tan penetrating enough or could I possibly be washing too much out of the hide? I then mount using Buckeye hide paste. Again, it appears everything is fine but would like some comments. Thank you, Terry.

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Dry it First

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 3/30/99. ( arlcape@bright.net )

Terry, it sounds like you're doing a real thorough job on your tanning. With a quick wash, you're probly O K, but you will get a better skin if you let it dry so the tan and oil has time to form a better bond. If you have a tumbler you can simply tumble them with grit and solvent after leaving them soak overnight, then there's no worry about washing out. If you're not getting bad pulling and shrinkage as the mount dries I wouldn't get too worried about the way you do them now. Keith


This response submitted by B. Blake on 3/30/99. ( taxiderm@lcc.net )

Terry, I agree with Keith about drying the skins, they always seem to fully tan better and there a lot easier to do the final touch-up fleshing on right before you mount them. One thing that I would suggest you try...and I will probably catch a lot of flack about this is to fully dry your capes after salting, I always had better luck with no slipping after doing this, it does take a lot longer to soak up before pickling but I feel the results are worth it, fully drying the skin really locks in the hair. I've used Liqua-Tan for years and it is one of the very best tanning chemicals available today. Good luck.

Keiths Right!

This response submitted by Mark on 3/30/99. ( knoblochs@worldnet.att.net )

Terry, All of your process looks to be just fine, Keith is right.
Every thing looks very thourogh and good. You can let the
hide dry out and then just rehydrate when you need to mount.
Otherwise putting it into the freezer after letting sit over
night is ok as well.(approx 12 to 24 hrs)Some people will
tan one then let sit out until completly penetrared then put
in frezzer for atleast two weeks. The colder the temp the
slower it will take.
Then remove and thaw and mount.
Call with any questions

No Flack From Me B. Blake!

This response submitted by Keith on 3/31/99. ( )

I wish everyone would let skins dry completely, especially when they're sending them to me to tan! It will definately help set your hair, but to take full advantage of this, you also need to get them dried quickly, don't leave them under salt for weeks on end. Keith

Thanks and additional questions

This response submitted by Terry Miller on 3/31/99. ( Miller_T@mail.kearney.k12.mo.us )

Thank all of you for responding so quickly! I have a couple more questions? First, what is the best method of letting the tanned hide dry and to conveniently rehydrate(and the method to rehydrate). Also, is there a significant amount of additional stretch with a machine shaved hide compared to beaming. Most of my decent(not monster) bucks have required a 20 or 21 inch, medium swell form and it seems I should be able to use a 22 or 23 inch form on some that were definitely in full rut. Thank you again for your assistance. The willingness of taxidermists today to share their advice is definitely an outstanding characteristic of our blessed profession. I am progressing toward full-time but need time and your valued assistance. God Bless All of You!!


This response submitted by MARK on 3/31/99. ( knoblochs@worldnet.att.net )

We're here for you and everyone and glad to help.
First to dry just let set on the counter over night or 24hrs,
or put on a separate drying rack for tanning. Then once the
tan is penetrated from being on the counter then just hang up.
You can do many things I'm sure theirs a million different
things that I still have not heard.
To rehydrate just put in plain water and 1oz of RELAX R to
5 gallons of H2O. It will rehydrate just fine and mount up
with plenty of stretch.
Yes you can get a little better tan and stretch not to mention
to save time using a fleshing maching by getting it more
even. I'm sure your doing a great job by beaming.
The last thing try to extract as much water out of the
skin and let drip an towel down.Good luck
Let us know if any more questions.

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