Recommend a fleshing/shaving knife?

Submitted by EB on 7/11/99. ( )

I have been tanning various hides (squirrel to deer cape size)for mounting. Can I get some recommendations on what non-powered fleshing/shaving tool you would recommend? My inability to shave these skins thin has been causing problems with my various mounts (less flexibility,stretch,etc). What tools would you recommend when dealing with small mammals up to deer? How thin should you shave these hides? Would appreciate any tool suggestions as well as techniques.


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Sand your skins

This response submitted by Pedro Gonzalez on 7/11/99. ( )

you can sand yous skins wile on the picle or after being tanned
wet or dry you have to see what you like best, you can use a
drill with an aid like a cilinder that has a sanding belt arrownd
it then hold the drill very well an a bench and then sand the skin
using your fingers on the hair side and sand the skin waching out
tha you dont get the roots of the skin, when you sand wet skins let
them drain for some hours before you sand them, now yuo can built
a large cilinder and glue the grind paper to it use pulleys and a motor to buit it you have to use your imaginatio.
you can use a hard sponge on the hair side wile you sand the skin
well i hope this helps you

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