Submitted by Pedro Gonzalez on 7/11/99. ( )

I have problems on cheking the ph of my tanning bats
i have used th ph papers range up to 14, but when i soak the
paper is very dificult to match the colors of the paper with
the colors of the box that has the instructions, i have also
used an electronic device the problem i have with it is that
every time i use it i have to fix the ph meter with some special
water 7 ph and again ann again,now it doesnt work at all.
What i am loking for is for a good quality ph measuring device (i prefer electronic )or if there is other way of measuring the
ph please let me know .

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This response submitted by Steve Steinbring on 7/12/99. ( )


PH papers come in smaller ranges than 1-14. Since all your tanning is probably in the 2-3 PH range and pickling about 4, buy the smaller range of test paper and it should be easier to read. You should contact the manufacturer of your PH meter. It is possible that your probe is no longer any good. The summer issue of Breakthough has an article on tanning and addresses PH paper and meters. Hope this helps.


Thanks Steve

This response submitted by Pedro Gonzalez on 7/13/99. ( )

I will do so, thanks again.

PH Meters?

This response submitted by Gary & Diana Kies on 9/29/99. ( )

I agree with the other responder. Ph paper is the way to go. Meters are not reliable/a real pain in the butt. Since pitching our last meter, we are using ph paper specific to the need -- we get it from Micro Essential Laboratory, Inc., 4224 Avenue H, Brooklyn, NY 11210.
The down-side is you need to order quite a bit. Not sure exactly.

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