Need help with Deerskin chair

Submitted by Johnny on 7/11/99. ( )

I'm trying to redo a cow hide chair (a family heirloom) in deerskin.
I have the deerskin cape and the chair, but don't know what to do next. I've gotten tons of instructions on soft Tanning, but I need the deerskin to be weight supportive and taught.

Can anyone Help - Please! Thanks, in advance, for the help.

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If you want to do it hair-on - You're in trouble!

This response submitted by Bruce rittel on 7/11/99. ( )

Unfortunately Johnny, a Deerskin would be a poor choice anywhere the hair would recieve even the slightest wear. Even with the very best ultimate tannage - the hair itself is hollow, and with age it becomes extremely brittle. Normally the shorter white hair goes first, but eventually it all snaps off and falls away. It just isnt a good choice for wear. Even on items that recieve no wear - its wise to periodically spray them with a liquid Lanolin spray just maintain some degree of flexibility over the years. I truly wish I had better news for you - but if it were me - Do it over using hair-on Calfskin.

Make a deer skin throw rug

This response submitted by BigD on 7/12/99. ( )

Do what Bruce says and then make a deer skin throw rug for the chair that can be easily replaced when it wears out.

Glad I asked - Thanks!

This response submitted by Johnny on 7/12/99. ( )

Thanks for the replies. I'm certainly glad I asked before ruining an otherwise fine deerskin. I will rethink my project using Calfskin.

Thanks again Bruce & BigD!

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