Submitted by Hiller on 6/10/99. ( )

Can someone please tell me the instructions on rehydrating hides after using liqua tan,
Thanks you

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This response submitted by frank on 6/11/99. ( )

Simple put use 5gals water some downy fabric softner and use some lysol or bacterial(basacral) in the water. Let it soak from an hour or more till the hide softens. Now as for the ears (the cartlidge) they don't like to soften up as fast sometimes. Take your hide out of the water,drain and then I put it in a plastic bag then in the fridge over night. This will rehydrate the rest of the hide.

Another Question from Hiller

This response submitted by Hiller on 6/11/99. ( )

After u have put it in the fridge overnight, then what do you do the next day?,Just mount it or tumble it in sawdust to dry?

Mount it

This response submitted by Mark on 6/17/99. ( )

You may mount it or tumble a little of the water out of it if you
need to. It just depends on how much moisture you like in it.

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