auto tanner

Submitted by dale on 7/12/99. ( )

has anybody ever made a auto tanner . i work in a steel mill and have lots of access to different things would like to know if anyone has ever made one. if so please let me know if not would like to know how it works.

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This response submitted by Steve P. on 7/16/99. ( )

About building your own auto. tanner, a good friend of mine had
a tanner made. Except for having to go back and coat the inside
he says it is doing pretty good. The thing is pretty heavy and awkard

Hey Dale

This response submitted by Hiller on 7/17/99. ( )

Dale if you could get the instructions on making one could oyu send them to me via email?
Thank you


This response submitted by dale on 7/18/99. ( )

would be glad to send inst. but have not got any yet. i think i could make one if i could get them. will let u know if i do. thanks

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