Blow Flies!!!! Blow Flies!!!

Submitted by Danny Gabbard, Sr. on 6/11/99. ( )

Hey Folks......

Just moved to Indiana and having a problem I did not have in Florida.

I'm getting my hides ready to send to a commercial tanner. I've got them WELL salted....and yet......the flies are still laying eggs (i.e., blowflies).

Now when I told the tanner about this....he said...."Don't worry about it. You can't stop them from laying eggs. But the eggs cannot develop and hatch in all that salt."

Do you folks agree with that??

Hope so....because there really is nothing I can do. I had the fan blowing full blast and they still landed and laid eggs.

They are getting into the eye holes and other little openings. Again...those areas are WELL salted.....but.....they are still doing it.

Your thoughts please.


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Fly Poison

This response submitted by Joey on 6/11/99. ( )

I don't know if their eggs can develop under salt or not. But, I use a fly poison called Golden Malrin. It comes in a granulated form, and place on used coffee lid near salted hide. The flies will land on it, and usually die on the spot. Also, I completely cover....and I mean completely cover all of my hides. I have never had a problem with them.

blow flies

This response submitted by mark on 6/12/99. ( )

We also have this blowfly problem in mn. it doesnt seem to go away the best way is to get your hides dry as fast as possible. I think its the moisture that attracts the bugs, not the salt. At any rate they dont seem to hurt the hides unless they are left for a long period of time. just keep them off wet cement and you should have no trouble. Good Luck, Mark

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This response submitted by mrs Wonderful on 10/4/00. ( dfjkfdjhfkjw )

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