One Hour Tan

Submitted by Barry on 3/30/99. ( )

James Edgar at Authentic Taxidermy & Supply, has developed a new product that puffs up the hide for ease of thinning and tans it at the same time. All that in just one hour! I have used this amazing product on more than 100 deer capes without any problems. I am getting my hides thinner than ever before. I have not had any slipping , shrinkage or drumming. The process is very simple and safe. I have left scrap pieces of hide out to dry and it turns to leather just like any other tanning method. You can not pull the hair out. I have even used it on bobcats and was able to flesh them on a big game fleshing machine. Can't believe it's true give him a call at 901-365-8101, he will be glad to answer all your questions.

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one hour tan

This response submitted by shelley on 4/13/99. ( All Trails )

Seeing the piece on one hour tan caught my eye,
I read it then realized it was from you,just wanted to say "HI"

Pickle first?

This response submitted by Bob on 4/19/99. ( )

Obviously,the hides are pickled first? Are they not?

No pickle

This response submitted by Barry S. on 4/24/99. ( )

You have got to call James Edgar for details. 901-365-8101 There is no pickling process, I know it sounds to simple to work but it does. James did a demo. at the world show and sold 500lbs of this stuff. I know he has been working with some chemist for ten years or more and has finally got a product that really works. I guess I sound like a sales person. I'm not, I just wanted to be the first to get it on the forum. I know that some national and world champions are now using it and say it's the best. Instead of writting a book here, I'll e-mail you with my personal experiance with this tan.

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