Corsican Ram

Submitted by DOC on 6/14/99. ( )

I have a corsican ram cape that has been lutan-F for 1 year(my own). After pickle I went through the degreasing process and back to pickel and then into final tan. When it dried the cape still was greasy. my question is there a way to run through the process of degreasing once again and through another tan process?

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worked for me

This response submitted by keith on 6/14/99. ( )

hi Doc,

this might not be right,but i have placed hides back in degreaser
and then tumbled after the tanning process was done and did not
have any problems with the tanning,I've done it with bears ,boar
,and rams ,sometimes just putting the hide in the tumbler for a while
cleans out the greasy feeling-without having to use degrease solution again.

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