Hair Slippage on Boar

Submitted by Danny Gabbard, Sr. on 6/15/99. ( )

I noticed as I was getting my salted boar capes ready to ship to the tanner tomorrow that I have some hair slippage. In fact, if I worked at it I could probably grab a lot of it out. Are these capes lost or are they salvagelable by the tanners??? What, if anything, did I do wrong??


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boar slippage

This response submitted by Mark on 6/16/99. ( )

You probably have a 50-50 chance of these boars coming back with alot of hair slippage, but usually the tannery will let you know if they are unable to process specimens and will send them back to you. You may want to send a note with your shipment and let them know of this problem. Good luck, Mark


This response submitted by George Roof on 6/16/99. ( )

I've done mine and a few other peoples share of hogs and never had such a problem. I was originally taught to skin the hog out and throw it over a fence for a day or two in the sun so that the shield would shave out easier. Even on those rotten things, the hair held pretty good.
My first thought is that you shaved them too thin. If your rotary blade cuts through a hair follicle, that hair will fall out immediately. If that didn't happen, I'm going to hear from someone who is more familiar to this problem and learn along with you.

Hey Danny

This response submitted by Bob C on 6/16/99. ( )

Danny, First, did you remove the plate on the shoulder ? If you didn't, the salt probably didn't penetrate the full thickness of the hide. You MUST thin the hide down or at least score the thickened skin in a checker board pattern so the salt can do its job. Now , if you did thin the hide properly, then George may have the problem pointed out. You may have cut some of the hair roots. You can tell the difference between this and slippage by checking the epidermis. If that is slipping off, you've got problems. Usually the epidermis slipps off before the hair because the hair is so deeply rooted. As far as making it through the tanning process, I would probably tan them myself. I would rehydrate them in a formic acid pickle with a little alum to help set the hair. Good luck , and if there's anything else I can help you with , let me know. Bob C

Advice on the Boar Hair Issue

This response submitted by Griz Monkii on 6/21/01. ( )

Hey Danny,

When it was passed up the chain that you have some boar hair problems, I got right on it. Sorry about the two year delay. When I'm skinning a boar, my first thought is to try the hide on for size. When I tried this once, actually I was mistaken for a boar myself. I was thrown into a pen with a bunch of other boars and found myself in southeast Asia eating rotting fish and corn cobs. I found the love of my life who I like to call Stinky Hoof. We have had several dozen liters of piglets so far and are doing well. Next time, get more involved in your work.

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