Brisket Slippage

Submitted by Jeff Sonner on 7/17/99. ( )

A customer recently delivered a whitetail cape that had been
in his freezer since last fall. The problem is that his freezer
quit and the cape was thawed when I got it. There was quite a bit of
blood puddled in the brisket from the harvest and the hair started
to slip in this area. I discussed the problem with the customer and he decided to go ahead with the mount anyway since the cape is from
an extremely large deer for this area (24 1/2-25" northern IN).
My question is this-I read in a past Breakthrough that one could
rough flesh a cape and go directly to the pickle-no dry salting.
I will be using saftee acid and Liqua-tan and would like to try to
save this cape if possible. I understand that dry salting removes
some of the untannable nasties and helps to set the hair.
What I am worried about is the time that it will take to dry
the skin. Willthe salt start to set the hair long before the skin dries or does the skin have to completely dry for that to happen?
If I put the skin directly into the pickle will that set the hair?
I pickle at the recommended PH of 1. Normally I dry my skins but not sure this time. Any and all thoughts are appreciated and will be
seriously considered. Thanks in advance.

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Sometimes its tempting - but it wont help!

This response submitted by Bruce rittel on 7/18/99. ( )

Its always tempting to put it in the pickle and skip the salting and drying thinking that the pickle will firm it for you - but it doesnt! No matter how bad it is - salt and dry it. Try to save what portion of the skin isnt already damaged! Then relax it and put it into the pickle. Whatever tissue is still intact it will hold. since the Saftee Acid is a 1.0 ph and below a 2.0 - it will sterilize the skin and kill any bacteria present - it wont correct any damage that has already happened! You did the right thing telling the customer this will be iffy. After all, there is only so much you can do for a skin already slipping. But if anything should work you're on the right track. Salt and dry it first - quickly!!!!!!

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