help tanning a fawn

Submitted by John Hunt on 7/18/99. ( H88unt @ )

I was told that Rineharts will work good with a thin skined animal
like a fawn. Any info on this subject or where I can get this rienharts would be very helpfull.

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Whats that?

This response submitted by Andy on 7/18/99. ( )

John, you must missunderstood someone or something!! Rineharts is a supply company, not a tan or a tannery. they probably sell tanning supplies though.

Some Info

This response submitted by Fawnguy on 7/19/99. ( )

Use Liqua Tan. It works on all mammals thin skin or thick skin.

Au Contrare

This response submitted by George Roof on 7/19/99. ( )

You were given some very good information the first time. John Rinehart sells an excellent tan. It is called JRTS for John Rinehart Tanning Solution and for my money, it works better than any of the other shop tans. I've used it exclusively for years. It is easier to use than Liqua-Tan and it has lanolin in it to eliminate the need for oiling the hide after it is tanned. The steps mention a pickle, and on a fawn, we always do it to lock that thin hair in place. We also pickle any hide we suspect the hunter didn't get to us quickly. Otherwise, a pickle is unnecessary.
You can buy John Rinehart Tanning Solution from John Rinehart Taxidermy Supply in quarts or gallons. A quart will do 4-5 deer capes. You can order from them at 1-800-FOR-DEER or you can get technical advice at 1-608-755-5161.

Oh contrair again

This response submitted by concerned on 7/19/99. ( )

There is a need to salt,pickle,neutralize,tan and oil a hide in order for a true tan to be established in the skin.Yes creams and paint ons will work but without properly proceduring these products they do not create a true tan.I do not see how lanolin is a substitute for oiling a cape,sounds like a gimmic to me.Lanolin in taxidermy is used for luster and shine in capes.

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