Cold weather Tanning

Submitted by Jim on 6/19/99. ( )

I recently bought the EZ-100 kit for some caribou skins. The directions say to tan 60-75 degrees my problem is the only place it's that warm is in the house. In my part of Alaska our highs are around 40 still. I've got a pretty understanding wife but I don't want to push it if I don't have to. So my question is can I tan at lower temperatures if I increase the time, if so how long and how low can I go. Or do I need to just plan on sleeping on the couch while the tanning solution sits in the middle of the kitchen? Thanks in advance. Jim

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I wish I could give you a better choice!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 6/19/99. ( )

Jim - I hate to see you have to sleep on the couch - but on the other hand, it's only for 1 night! Unfortunately low temperatures SLOW down the chemical fixation. Even at 55 F. it is very slow - so I guess what I'm saying is - you should at least have it somewhere that its 60 F. or above. 65-75 is ideal! This is true for tanning with any agent. They do not do well below 60 F.. And you can never be sure if you leave it in long enough. There's no way to easily test it. For just 1 night - could you perhaps use a space heater near it? I sympathize with you - but you'll need to have heat to do it right.


This response submitted by Mark on 6/21/99. ( )

You may want to try a heater from a water bed. Take the
heater from a waterbed and wrap it around the barrel. I
would think it should be okay. I don't think a heating pad
would be big enough to do the job. Some places may even sell
some drum heaters.

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