New Shaver, It's Finally on the Market

Submitted by Keith Daniels on 6/19/99. ( )

Well, after over a year in the works, and a few casting pattern changes, (not fun at all) we finally have these ready to sell. We've been running one here in the tannery for about a year, and another for about 6 months, so we're pretty confident the bugs are worked out.

Here's the details: 1/2 hp totally enclosed (no interior corrosion) fan cooled Leeson Industrial motor, with a c-face mount for a solid mounting, and an overload switch. A variable speed sheave (it's easier to learn on a slower machine, then you can speed it up if you feel like it) driving a V belt that's totally enclosed in the frame of the machine so there's no exposed belt for either you to get caught in, or shavings to run through. The spindle rides on 2, 1" sealed, self aligning, greasable bearings. These are the same bearing inserts we use on our blade grinder. It runs at 3450 rpm in a very abrasive environment and these bearings will last a minimum of 6 months there, they should honestly last the average taxidermist a lifetime. The hood is a flip down type, just loosen a wing nut, swing the offside gaurd out a little, (1/4" allen wrench, takes about 3 seconds) and drop it down. The hood is also wide enough to be comfortable to lean on, and is hinged so that most shavings clear out the bottom. Even when they do go into the hood, there's enough room that constantly cleaning it out isn't neccesary. Blade is changed by using the same allen wrench for a pin, and a 1" or adjustable end wrench to spin off the pinch plate. No loosening motors or belts or disassembling hood required. Both parts of the hood, the pinch plate and the guards are cast brass. Brass has the advantage over aluminum that if the paint does get scratched, it won't oxidise, it just turns a real pretty green! Actually, the ones we run here aren't even painted. Brass is also not brittle like aluminum, it's much less likely to snap if someone acidentally hits an open hood. The whole machine is simple, but tough. It can be totally disassembled in less than 15 minutes with 3 allen wrenches, a screwdriver and adjustable wrench, but it will handle the toughest and heaviest skins you can throw at it. We have run Giraffe, Cape buffalo, Bison, moose etc. on it, so it's been put to the test. With all this, it's still a smooth enough machine to do all the fine detail work, we do lips, nose pads etc. with them everyday.

We are making these with a quick release table mount, so it's easy to setup when you need and take down when you don't. No need to cut a hole in your table, it'll hang right on the edge, at worst you might need to put a 2x4 on the face if your table isn't sturdy enough. We can make custom stands and mounts upon request.

If you might be interested in hearing more, feel free to call me, or e-mail me your address for our new tanning price list, it should be done in a couple of weeks.

We have an introductory price on these of $1050.00, and anyone who buys one is more than welcome to come and spend a day here with us to help get you started on the right foot.

Keith Daniels
Arlington Cape
110 W. Liberty St.
P. O. Box 111
Arlington, Oh. 45814


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