How vital is the pickle bath?

Submitted by Tony on 7/20/99. ( )

I am just starting out and planning to try liqua-tan. I noticed
in the WASCO catalog the instructions say you can do it either
way(with or without the pickle bath, that is). I just wondered
if not doing the pickle bath will cause problems down the road.


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This response submitted by MARK on 7/20/99. ( )

Hi tony

LIQUA TAN is a very versitle product that will work fine
either way, if you do choose to do a acid pickle you just
need to neutralize the skin to 4.5 to 5.0 before applying
the LIQUA TAN out of the pickle. Other than that I have
rehydrated skins that have been tanned for at least 10 years
and they rehydrated just fine without any shrinkage, or
any other problems. Once you tan the skin with LIQUA TAN
the next day you can apply some TANNING OIL #1 or LIQUA SOFT.
If you choose to let the skin dry all the way until you
plan on mounting it is another method. If you would like
a technical book on the product get me your address and
I will be glad to send you one.
Thanks Mark

Red Fox and Salt

This response submitted by Eric Davis on 1/8/02. ( )

I noticed on the label (directions) that a "quick" tan can be accomplished by skipping the salting process.

I have a red fox to mount. I would like to flesh (most of the time my first flesh is my final flesh - I like to spend the time on round one in order to reduce fleshing time after re-hydration), wash, damp dry, tan (3 hrs seems adequate in relation to an 8 hr deer cape), and mount (same day or next). Oh yeah, Liqua-Tan is my method at this date.

I fully understand salting and its benefits but it seems that the thickness (thinness in this case) of a fox skin could allow the salting and drying to be skipped.

Maybe some of the Dry Preservative fans could chip in on the discussion.

Please advise.

Love the forum,
Eric Davis

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