degreasing a bear

Submitted by brian english on 7/20/99. ( )

anyone and every one, i have a small 33 inch bear that i would like to tan myself. i plan to use formic in the pickle and lutan as the tanning agent. my problem, when and how do i degrease it? also what would be an easy way to soften it without a toumbler? any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks for your help. thanks , brian

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This response submitted by MARK on 7/20/99. ( KNOBLOCHS@WORLDNET.ATT.NET )


You may degrease a bear at many different stages. You
can degrease in a pickle bath or after the pickle. Sometimes
by degreasing a skin in the pickle, it will allow the
shaving and pickling to work better. Not all degreasers
are all that versitle, so are and will even work in a
tanning bath. I do sell a concentrated degreaser call
SUPER-SOLV which will work at any stage of tanning. Most
of dealers carry it if they do not call and I can recommend
one that does. One other degreaser that I do also have is
KEMSOL DEGREASER. Try to flesh the best that you can and
have a strong pickle and this will help you in the long
run get a good piece of skin.(softness) 24hrs after you
tan use a good swabbing oil on the hide and it too will
help out softening.


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