W et Tumbler

Submitted by Pedro Gonzalez on 7/21/99. ( govp66@hotmail.com> )

Hi ¡ i am taxidermist
I am going to buy a wet tumler for tanning my skins , i am concerned
about the size i need ,the rpm , and the size of the sticks that carry the skin inside up arround the tumbler.
I tan all kind of skins but most of them are medium size some times
i tan large african skins eaven lifesize,american, animals and from all over (bears of all tipes )etc .
I am not from US that is why i cant buy it there because of the shipping cost.
I whant the smalest posible but tha it enough to relax tha hard african skins if posible specify the thickness of wood and wich tipe is better. THANKS PEDRO

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This response submitted by Doug on 7/21/99. ( scheibs@ibm.net )

Hi Pedro,
If you look through The Taxidermy industry section under Tumbler RPM
I think you'll find what your looking for.



This response submitted by Pedro on 7/21/99. ( )

Thanks Doug
This might help, i allready have a small drum 55 gal. i need a
much larger drum in orther to tan larger animals that are to big
for the drum i allready have, my problem is that i don't know how wide and
how tall i should built or buy a wet drum i allready have a big
drum for sawdust, i have heard that large skins tend to make
like nuts when the drum is very narrow also if it is to short
it doest have the movement it needs in order to loosen up
the skin i was thinking on builnig a drum of 4 feet wide X
6 feet tall but i dont know if that is enough to lossen up a
large cape bufalo or a lifezise zebra or kudu.
Thanks again

Building a Wet Drum

This response submitted by Bruce rittel on 7/23/99. ( rittel@ici.net )

In wet drum tanning, unlike dry sawdust tumbling - the height is really not as important as the mechanical action of tumbling the skins. Many Tanneries build their wet drums in 4X4, 5X5, 6X6 sizes because of this. You're right about the width. If its too narrow - the skins will fold in towards themselves and simply roll instead of folding and flexing. If I were building it - I'd use local material. I'd want ideally a 5X5 Plywood Drum covered with fiberglass cloth, a 2.5 hp motor (220 or 440 volt) and I would run it at 8-10 rpm.

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