African Skins

Submitted by Mike B on 7/21/99. ( )

I have some African hides that are dry salted and I'm thinking of tanning them myself. My question is do I need to do anything different with them as compared to the deer capes that I've salted myself. The african stuff is a lot harder than the stuff I normally salt and tan myself. Will they rehydrate ok in the pickle?

thanks for any imput

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This response submitted by Jeff T. Becker on 7/21/99. ( )

Rittle's 'ultra- soft' to rehydrate, before placing in pickle. this stuff is the best for african'sun- dried' skins!! There Bruce! no need to speak I'll advertise for you!!! Have a great day!


This response submitted by Pedro on 7/21/99. ( )

YES you generaly have to leave the on rehidratation much much longer
depeding on which animals you are tanning , always use bactericide
and don´t use much salt or any at the begining ( i dont) as Jeff said
use ultra soft that helps a lot,now what you have to do is open
the fibers of the skin as often as you can every 2 hours on bufalo,
gemsbok because if yhey come as hard as sometimes come you will have
to wait very much time before they loosen up .
if the skins aren`t very soft ( 10 hours )still very stiff
leave them over night but now you can add more salt to protect them
watch out with impala for me they are the worst specially on the
throat area be gentle when opening the fiber on this area (impala)
use a picle of 2.2 and check is often , also work the skins for some
time after you put them on picle with bactericide in orther to
get the picle to penetrate the skin.
i hope this helps you , i am no tanner i am taxidermist but i have
tanned a lot of african skins and i have had a lot of problems
i am sure you will do ok. but keep in mind they are nothing like
whitetails, good luck.

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This response submitted by Rick Arands on 7/21/99. ( )

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This response submitted by Bill on 7/22/99. ( )

...this was a commercial site which features how-to tips, new products, etc to help the beginner as well as the experienced taxidermist. Jeff, I agree with you, it will do a great job. Most of Rittels products do, thats why WASCO, the host of this site, carries so many of them. Gee, I dont recall Sallie or Ken having any problem with us naming products in here...Shame on you, Jeff, and your shameless pitch! Ha ha ha...

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