Whats the best size of Grit

Submitted by Jeramy on 6/21/99. ( )

I'm looking into corncobb grit and seen some in a range of
#1 #2 #3 #4 #6 #00 and was wondering which one would be the
best? Thanks

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for what

This response submitted by frank on 6/21/99. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

I like the finner for birds when I do use cob. but I don't use any on fur bearing animals. Mailnly I blow dry my specimens.

Mesh Size????

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 6/21/99. ( arlcape@bright.net )

Jeremy, see if you can find out what the mesh ranges are. I'm not at all familiar with the single number system. If you can find out the mesh sizes, get the 20-40 mesh for all around work. We use this in a 50/50 mix with 40-60 mesh in our big drum, but I know most taxidermists have better luck with nothing smaller than 20-40 since their drums basically roll a skin, instead of lifting and dropping. We use it by the pallet here in the tannery, so I know you'll like the results, but you do have to dry it for storage, if not it will mold, this is the only drawback to cob grit. Some people do use the coarse, such as 10-14 because it cleans out better, and also as a mix with finer stuff on birds to help knock the small stuff loose. If you go way back in the bird category you'll find where we had a thing on how big the mesh sizes are, that might help. Keith

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