Anybody know WHO Buys Beef Hides.

Submitted by John N. Andreacci on 6/22/99. ( )

Need to know if anybody buys beef hides. Mostly green hides

Any tanniers please email me with any information

thanks john

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I may have some leads........

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 6/23/99. ( )

John: I need to know your City & State. I may have a few leads for you. I'll e-mail you seperately.

what about beef skulls?

This response submitted by lee on 6/24/99. ( )

do you have any skulls available? may buy these if the
price is right.

beef hides for Poland

This response submitted by Steve Dec on 7/15/00. ( )

I am interested in purchasin beef hides,need not be tanned but salted for export to Poland. Thank you. Steve.

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