Tanning Solutions

Submitted by Hiller on 6/22/99. ( )

What tanning solutions or oils produce the softest skins?

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This response submitted by frank on 6/23/99. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

There is really no real answer here for you. I can say Rittle's have the best or liqua tan can do it or many others. If your looking for rug work your tannaries use other forms of tanning agents. It's no right to say who has the best because what I like you may not. But you must follow the manufactures directions to achive there softness.

Tanning oil

This response submitted by Mark on 6/23/99. ( knoblochs@worldnet.att.net )


Frank is wright on some oils your best to swabb the hide when
it is still slightly damp. Some oils are dark some are light,
and some are made for different thicknesses of skins for
proper penetration. But always follow the recommended use.
I'm not to sure about other companies oils but make sure that
they are compatible with the tan, I know mine are all compatible.
Good luck

Tanning Supplies

This response submitted by James Foust on 7/26/99. ( bigowl@bellsouth.net )

I used to get excellent results from a tanning kit from Lawrence Leather of Lillington, North carolina, that i bought from Chagnon's trapping supplies. Now I am digging around in the internet to find anew way to tan. It was a kit with pickle of chromium sulfate and oil. The pickle worked beautifully and it would really be hard to get anything but excellent results. IU did not even flesh or salt the skins first - just threw the raw skin in the pickle, and then it was easy to flesh it after, then take it out a few days alter, and let it dry, andDO NOT USE THE OIL, then bend and twist the skin for about an hour and the you have it - everything turned out like chamois. I suspect that the formic acid or citric acid pickles will work much the same, and hopefully the oil will not be needed - I have only found oil to be a big mistake.

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