Slipping bobcats

Submitted by Bill on 6/23/99. ( )

A customer brought in 2 bobcats for tanning. They were skinned and in a bag frozen. When I started to thaw them out they smelled bad. As I started to unroll them fur was slipping bad. The customer wanted these for wall hangings so my intention was to air dry them and send them to a tannery. Is there any way to save these skins? I put them back in the freezer for now. Thanks in advance for any help. Bill

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Call The Owner

This response submitted by Frank on 6/23/99. ( )

Your first step is to call the client about this problem. I hope on your invoice that you let them know your not responsible for any tanning period. I'm sure if you knew that he had bad skins in the biggining you wouldn't of taken them in. All my clients know that weather they skin or I do it. I can not be lieable for any tanning process. I have no idea if or when the specimen was killed or handled. You could let them air dry but are they fleshed yet. I would also salt them. And let the tannery know about your problem. They may be able to save the skin. Good Luck ! I have taken in alot of hides and tanned them myself or sent them out and I do tell them what there up against. You skined them I said well all those holes you put in are yours and I put it on my invoice. We have to cover our BUTTS.

why bother

This response submitted by Rob on 6/23/99. ( )

Call and inform your customer that the hides are spoiled.Since you don,t have any time really invested into them now, go ahead and return his deposit along with the hides to insure no bad feeling.This way your done with them and worry free.Once you try tanning them and get time and money invested and then the hides finish falling apart all you will have is an unsatisfied customer who thinks you charged him to ruin his pelts.


This response submitted by Bill on 6/24/99. ( )

You bet! I had "not responsible for tanning" printed on my work orders and he signed it. So I'm covered but I thought if there was a chance I would try and save his skins. He'll be getting them back. I really hate to see animals get wasted like this. Thanks again Bill

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