Rittell's EZ-100 Question

Submitted by Tony on 7/25/99. ( tholder@tecinfo.com )

I am in the process of tanning my first cape and I am using the EZ-100
tanning kit. It is presently in the pickling stage. My question is, do
I need to wait until after I finish the tanning process to measure for the
mannikin. The instructions say that after you tan and oil the cape it is
ready to be mounted or put in the freezer for mounting later. I guess another
question is if I measure after tanning and oiling and then put it in the freezer
for a few days while I order the mannikin, is it going to shrink enough to

Thanks, Tony

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how to

This response submitted by frank on 7/26/99. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

Your measurements should have been taken when you skined the deer. Don't measure it in the pickle bath. A pickle will make the hide shrink and you'll never get the right form for it. Also after the pickle are you going to shave the hide down ( a must ) to get a thin hide. After you shave and repickle for 24 hr. sometimes you can reshave it ( optional) for a even thinner hide. Then netrulize it. you can now get the measurements now. Then tan oil and freeze.

Thanks, Frank

This response submitted by Tony on 7/26/99. ( tholder@tecinfo.com )


The neck measurement before salting was 19 inches, but I was scared to order
the mannikin from this measurement because I didn't know if it would shrink or anything
in the tanning process. I am planning on thinning the cape. I am going to use a wire wheel
to do the thinning because I am a beginner and it is all I have. I will do like you said and
measure after I thin and pickle again. Thanks again, Frank.

Yes - Thanks Frank!

This response submitted by Bruce rittel on 7/27/99. ( rittel@ici.net )

I appreciate the good advice Frank gave you Tony. One of the nice things about EZ-100 is that it tans true to size. If you measured a 19" neck - after its tanned it is still 19". Unlike Alums it doesnt shrink during tanning so you can be assured it will fit your form.

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