Help! Deer Cape may be damaged

Submitted by Heather on 7/27/99. ( )

Took a weekend trip and when I returned....freezer problems. I had several deer capes in the freezer that had all been tanned in the auto tanner. The freezer couldn't have been on the blitz for more than 2 days. So, what are my chances that the hair has slipped, bacteria set in, or that the cape is ruined? I was TOO afraid to even look at them! So I just stuck them in my back-up freezer! HELP!

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Should be okay!

This response submitted by Dan on 7/27/99. ( )

Check on your capes. I don't know much about the auto tanner, but a commercially tanned cape that was soaked and frozen would be fine. Your capes may even still be frozen if the freezen door has been kept shut. Good Luck!

No damage

This response submitted by pacemak'r on 8/3/99. ( )

I used my auto tanner on a hide that had been salted, then frozen. It probably didn't freeze for a long time and had rotted. The manufacture says the tanning machine can be used on decayed hides. It looks great and doesn't smell. I'd say if your hides don't smell bad they're OK. If they do, you should be able to tan them again. I'd call the manufacturer and ask them.

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