Tanning deer capes

Submitted by Hiller on 7/27/99. ( )

I've got a question about deer capes, after I have salted them down and then they are dry, do I want to rehydrate them? or just put them directly into the pickle, and if i do need to rehydrate then can someone please give me the recipe to rehydrate,
Thank you

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This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 7/27/99. ( arlcape@bright.net )

Hiller, definately re-hydrate first. They'll pickle much quicker and better, so you can thin them better, and the tan will take better. There are many Re-hydrators out there from different suppliers, just follow their directions, but if they're freshly dried, and just deer capes, you can use just plain water and a bacteriacide with good results.

Thanks Keith

This response submitted by Hiller on 7/27/99. ( )

Thanks for the info, I have noticed on some hides that I have dried and not rehydrated that they turn out paper thin and very crappy looking, In the future once I get esatablished, I'll probably be sending you some capes, all i have heard about you is good
Thanks Hiller

tanning squirrel hide

This response submitted by larry h on 10/3/99. ( )

have a fox squirrel hide want to know how to tan it myself thanks for your help

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