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Hey Mark,

I just bought the liqua-cure for the first time for my fish, I used to mix my own formula but ran out of zink so I thought I would try the liqua-cure. My problem is I usually dont measure the fish untill I skin it
and then I can leave it in the solution until the forms come in, usually a week. The liqua-cure says dont leave in any longer than necessary,
4 hours. Can I leave in longer, what are the reasons for not.
Thanks Dave

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This response submitted by MARK on 6/28/99. ( KN0BLOCHS@WORLDNET.ATT.NET )

On the instructions it says to leave the skin in for atleast
four hours. The time frame is 4-8 hours . This is a very
rapid tan and works fast. It does not have any bacteriacide
in it and it may have the chance of deteriorating the skin if
left in too long. Some people have left in longer than 8 hrs
and had no problems. Let me know if I can help more.
Good luck
KNOBLOCHS 303-666-9045

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