Tanning a Bobcat

Submitted by Tommy on 6/28/99. ( )

I've recently changed from dry preserve to the tanning method on my mounts. I've never tanned a Bobcat only used dry preserve on them. Is the tanning process the same as I use on my deer heads?


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Pretty Much

This response submitted by keith Daniels on 6/29/99. ( arlcape@bright.net )

Tommy, you'll want to make sure and use a de-greaser on your bobcat, it'll really help the hair fluff better when it dries out. Other than that, just keep in mind that the cat is more likely to have hair slippage, so get it salted and dried as quick as you can, don't leave it lay under salt, or hang damp for a long period. Also, don't use borax on the skin while you're doing your prep work, it seems to cause a bad reaction on thin skinned animals when you go into the tanning process.

Help - I've got a greasy kitty!

This response submitted by Damir (Corrie) on 7/12/99. ( corriebrooks@yahoo.com )

Hi guys- I am writing for a taxidermist friend of mine who doesn't
speak much engish (he is from Croatia and Bosnia) He is specializing
in tanning. He asked me to check into a problem he has had with a
lion recently. The hair wasn't fluffy enough. I noticed you mentioned
a degreaser. What products are you using? Could you give him any

P.S. This particular lion has already been felt backed.

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