Submitted by JEFF S. on 4/12/99. ( )

I am fairly new to the field and am having problems with the thinner areas such as the lips or nose/muzzle area cracking or breaking during shipment to the tannery. any suggestions concerning prep, salting, folding, boxing, choice of carrier,ect. would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

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Watch the way you fold them

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 4/13/99. ( )

Jeff, we see that hear in the tannery, working on a batch of caoes right now with about 1/2 of them with cracked lips. The best thing to do is dry them by hanging over a 2x4, or P V C pipe with the head on one side and shoulders on the other. This way, the shoulder area will keep the delicate face area protected. Do not dry your skins stretched out flat, or worse yet, hung from a peg by the nose or back of head. I realize you can pack them in boxes easier this way, but that also means all those thin areas are sticking out in harms way. As far as carriers go, they all like to play football with your packages, so it doesn't really matter. Keith

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