Controlling pH in 1-1-1- pickle

Submitted by Donna on 7/10/99. ( )

Well, now that I have successfully mounted a few mammals already tanned or dry preserved, I'm ready to try to tan on my own. First, I am going to use Liqua-tan. The pickle I want to use is 1 part water, 1 part salt, and 1 part vinegar. Can someone tell me how do I control the pH in this solution? Do I need to use acid bath crystals (I think that's what it's called)? Also, is there any type of good de-greaser you can buy at a store? I wanted to do my mink and rabbit this weekend and I don't have any. Thanks, Donna

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Check Your Nuimbers Again

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 7/10/99. ( )

Donna, I don't use vinegar, but I think Bob C. said that a 50/50 mix with water will give you the right Ph. If this is the case, use one pound of salt for every gallon of the mixture. If you do the 1-1-1 you're talking about, you'll end up with only 1/2 pound of salt per gallon, and you might get too much swelling with it. Adjust your Ph by checking it with papers, if you need it more acidic, just add more vinegar, my guess with that type of pickle would be to try for a Ph of about 2.

1 pound salt

This response submitted by Donna on 7/10/99. ( )

Hi Keith, sorry, should have made it more clear. It is 1 pound of salt, 1 gallon of water, and 1 gallon of vinegar. That mixture was listed previously in the forum. Thanks, Donna

Though so

This response submitted by Keith on 7/11/99. ( )

That's what figured, but I'd go with 1 Gal. Vinegar, 1 Gal. water and 2 Lb. salt. In other words, 1 lb. of salt for each gal. of solution, the way you have it you'l have 1 lb. for each 2 gal. solution. Vinegar might not be a problem with a lower salt content, but with formic we use you need the higher salt concentration


This response submitted by Donna on 7/11/99. ( )

Boy, I'm so glad I asked before trying it. Thanks for making it clear to me. I guess I stumped everyone on the degreaser question or there's no "over the counter" degreaser available. Guess I'll have to wait on these mammals 'til I get some. Thanks again Keith!

tumbler specs wanted

This response submitted by dave a. on 9/10/99. ( )

i,m currently building a 6 foot dia. tumbler and need some help. should i build with 3 baffles or4? what would be the best way to drive it? i have 16 years welding exp .so everything is built out of a galvenied tubing that i will later skin with wood. what about bearings to pivot the drum on ? any helpful hints out there would be appreciated! thanks dave

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