Reuse Lutan-F solution?

Submitted by Tony on 4/1/99. ( )

I use Lutan- F to tan my capes. I mix 5 gal. of solution, tan my cape, then discard.
I was wondering if the solution could be used again or if only one cape could be tanned?

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Lutan F

This response submitted by Mark on 4/2/99. ( )

What you need to do is weigh the skin after you have
pickled it and rinsed it and ready for tan. Once you
have the weight of the skin multiply it it by 16, then
multiply it by 6% and that will give you the amount of
tan to be using. ( wt of skin ?lbs x 16 =?? x 6% = amount
of tan. You are probably best off to dump the old tan,
because without expensive equipment their is no way to
tell how much tan is left in the bath, an second you
need to be careful not to get a bacteria started. If you
do decide to use it you will probably have to add more tan.
Hope this helps, if you have any more questions let us
know?. Mark

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