Aluminum sulphate with ez-100

Submitted by Dave B on 4/14/99. ( )

Hey Bruce, or anyone else. I talked with Bruce at the world show,
and he said that aluminum sulphate doesnt work that well with the
ez-100. But it will work,right? Isnt it better to use it along with the ez-100 than without. I use the aluminum sulphate in the auto tanner
but I really like the leather the ez-100 produced. Bruce's auto tanner
instructions say to use the ez-100 by itself. I guess I would like to
know is it ok to use the aluminum sulphate in the tanner for 2 hours
and after fleshing use the ez-100 for two hours then oil. If you are here Bruce I really enjoyed talking with you and thanks for all the great input. Dave

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why screw around,

This response submitted by John C on 4/15/99. ( )

Why screw around with success, if EZ-100 is working stick with it. If alum-sulphate is working stick with it. Bruce told you at the show. listen to the MAN.

If your going to screw around with chemicals and try to make it fail. May all of the hair fall out of your capes, till they look like Bob C and Bill Yox forheads.

Das vidonya John C

It should work!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 4/15/99. ( )

Thanks for stopping by at the show. I sincerely enjoyed metting with everyone. As to your question about Aluminum Sulphate and EZ-100 used in combo together in the Auto Tanner - I've never tried it, so I cant speak from experience. However, a customer of mine has told me that he likes to first run the capes in the Al Sulphate as a pickle (about a 2.9 ph), shave and neutralize them, and then run them 4 hours in the EZ-100. He feels the Al Sulphate gives him better shaving, and tightens up the hair well. And when the capes drum in the EZ-100, the Alum washes out, and the EZ-100 tans them. He's super happy with this system. By the way, for an Alum pickle - use for every 1 gallon of water used, 8 ozs. of Salt, and 6.5 ozs. of Aluminum Sulphate or Ammonium Alum. If you try this combo - give me some feedback. I'd appreciate it.

It works

This response submitted by Dave B. on 4/16/99. ( )

I tried it and it works. John C, I know how it irritates you when people
are always screwing with this formula. I love the auto tanner and the
aluminum sulphate, but I dont like the end result, I think I can get a
better tan with the tanner. So all I am doing is adding an extra step
to achieve a little better tan. Bruce, I put the hide in the tanner with
2 gal of water,2 tbls of sodium carbonate, 16 oz.aluminum sulphate,
16 oz salt, and a little bacteriacide,for 2 hours, took out, fleshed,
and put back in tanner with your ez-100 recipe, for 2 hours.
Then oiled with pro-plus. I let sit overnight then tumbled in sawdust.
It turned out tanned and stretchy, just what I was looking for, and only took 5 hours to complete.


This response submitted by Joey on 5/14/99. ( )

I have been using the aluminum sulfate in my auto tanner and have had good results following the directions that came with it. I have been salting and fleshing my capes prior to putting them in the tanner. I mix one pound of aluminum sulfate to one gallon of water and a quarter cup of oil. I leave it in there for two hours, take it out and thin it, and then put it back in for two more hours. I have to work with it a little but I don't have much trouble getting the stretch back. Now for my question, is there anything else I can do to make the stretch stay better? I am interested in trying the Ez-100 in the tanner,but I need to know how much to use and what steps to take.

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