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Submitted by John C on 4/19/99. ( )

Heres a good one for you guys and gals. Just had a lady call she and her late husband. Have two dries seal skins.

1. Are they legal from 1969?

2. Other than bug eaten and cracks, grease burn, what should I look for?

3. Do these need Cities tags?

John C

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Could be a bucket of worms!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 4/21/99. ( )

John C. - If my memory serves me well, that Cities Act was initiated in 1972, so those skins should be legal. However - check with the Fed F&G to be safe, and if thats correct, get a written, signed, notarized letter from the seller to keep on file. Have them specify the date killed, and names. These are OLD skins. I have to assume these skins are already tanned (if so, they may be very weak - be sure to check if they tear easily) - if they arent, then I highly doubt that they will rehydrate well for tanning. Just a note - they are typically very fatty! They must be degreased! Give me an E-Mail if you need more tanning info.


This response submitted by Perry on 4/21/99. ( )

Seals will fall under the Marine Mammals act. That was recently updated.
Like Bruce said, this is one BIG can of worms.

No Seals yet.

This response submitted by John C on 4/21/99. ( )

So far the client has neen a noshow. Some tanneries do have them listed. If taken if We do fully intend to use a tannery.

I can tan most N.A. game but I will not touch a seal for learning.

THese are salted and dried and or urinated and dried. Thanks all. John C

Nasty stuff!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 4/22/99. ( )

John C. - Its just as well he's a no-show! Skins that old and raw salted or urine cured, are usually untannable! They will never "plump" up and are like cardboard. That's providing they are even legal. I've had problems with Sealskins even 2-3 years old. With age the fibers collapse and glue it together.

shishmaref tannery and others

This response submitted by cookie price on 12/21/00. ( )

there are at present about twenty or so tanneries that deal with seals
and other protected mammals like sea otter. One such is Shishmaref
tannery at shishmaref alaska. address is box 135 shishmaref alaska
99772. sea otters must be tagged. seal are protected and can only
be hunted, owned, sold, bartered and processed by alaskan natives or
indigenous people who have sea otter and seal as a part of their natural
culture. I am one such person looking for another tannery.

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