Rehydrating dry salted deer cape

Submitted by Mike on 4/20/99. ( )

I have a dry salted whitetail cape and need to rehydrate it before the pickle.what is the best method.

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This response submitted by Pat on 4/20/99. ( )

Try looking at the archives on 12/22/98 this topic was covered then.

Rehydration Bath

This response submitted by Mark on 4/21/99. ( )

Hi Mike,

What you will want to do is shake off the old salt, then
make a bath of 1\2lb of salt and some bacteria retarder
and let sit till rehydrated, then put into pickle.
What I use is 1\2lb of salt 1\2oz RELAX R 1\8oz BASACRYL NBKU
to each gallon of water. You can put 1oz of Bascal S in as
well with that. The RELAX R will help clean relax and
prerare the hide for the pickle. The RELAX R can be made into
a solution of 50% water and 50% RELAX R and painted directly
on the flesh if any extremly hard to rehydrate skins let sit
for up to 6 hrs then put back into the rehyd bath. You can
call or email me for a catalog with all of these forumlas
in it free of charge. Good luck to you and let us know if any
more questions.

salted hides

This response submitted by mark on 4/29/99. ( )

we haved used van wet 9n9 from van dykes for years with great results as a relaxer it mixes using so many ounces to any amount of water. I recently relaxed a mule deer cape that was dry for 4 years and it relaxed as good as new after it relaxed I shaved top layer off and proceeded to pickle it turned out great good luck! Mark

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