Help finding tannery

Submitted by Cody on 5/9/99. ( )

I need help finding a reputable tannery that is located in my area. I live in the northeastern part of North Dakota. I have heard of a few in Montana. I will be sending them beaver so what will I need to do to get it properly prepared for shipping? On average, what is the turn around rate for a tannery, Since I haven't ever sent anything to one? Thanks for everything, Cody

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Ask The Tannery...

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 5/12/99. ( )

Hi Cody,

My best suggestion to you is make a phone call to the tannery of your choice, and question them with you concerns. Asking this info here is not the best place to get the answer... unless someone from this particular tannery is on-line, paying attention to the questions here.

Different tanneries may have different requirements as to shipping instructions, and turnaround times will vary considerably from one tannery to the next; especially depepnding on the type of item being sent. Some skins can get a priority over others, so this is something you will have to ask the tannery.

Good luck... John B.

Thanks John

This response submitted by Cody on 5/20/99. ( )

Thanks for your response to my question, I appreciate it!

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