Where do I find commercial grade hardwood sawdust ?

Submitted by Kyle on 5/14/99. ( shallgarth@oregontrail.net )

I live in Northeast Oregon and was wondering if anyone knows of a supplier of commercial hardwood sawdust that is close to me ?
Is there anything else I can use in my tumbler that will work my hides and give the same results , and how do I find it ?
Does anyone have hardwood sawdust shipped to them and what are the
costs ? please reply THANK YOU ...

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Sorry - Mostly in the NE!!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 5/14/99. ( rittel@ici.net )

Kyle - the bad news is that most of the hardwood sawdust is available only in the Northeast or Midwest of the USA. We have a free listing of Sawdust suppliers available on request for our customers - if you would like one, please E-Mail me your mailing address and we'll get it right out. Hopefully it will help you find a supplier. As to shipping - you'll have to check your local Trucking Companys to determine the cost, but obviously, the more you buy, the cheaper the overall cost per bag. If you have any further questions, drop me an E-Mail.


This response submitted by George Roof on 5/14/99. ( georoof@aol.com )

I'm embarrassed to add anything to what Bruce tells you. But since I'm a small timer compared to what he does, and in case you are like me, here goes. I've tried the corncobs and sawdust from lumber mills, but the very best I've come across in small amounts is sold by John Rinehart. He gets it out of Canada. He sells it in Approx. 45 lb bags for $23.75 and the shipping of two bags of it ($47.50) from Wisconsin to Delaware was $22.15. If you don't need large amounts, this is some good stuff. It is hardwood, square cut, extremely fine, dry sawdust that works well on birds or animals. Then when it gets damp, I coat my green hides with it to make the fleshing wheel cut better.

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