Making a drum sander for finishing??

Submitted by Steve A. on 5/14/99. ( )

Does anyone have any ideas or plans to make a drum sander to
be used on finishing hides. I have thought of attching the
sandpaper to a large diameter piece of pipe, but I'm stuck on
a good way to attach this to the pipe. I once worked in a sawmill
that had a huge drum sander. We placed the edges of the sand
paper in a crack and then tightened a mechanism to close this
crack. I know that Mr. Rittel has sandpaper that you could order
for a drum sander. I also visited a tannery where a person was using a
different type of machine to finish the flesh side of the skins.
It looked like a wheel with tongues of some type of abrasive
material. I would sure appreciate your imput on this. I've
saved a lot of cash in the past by building some of this equipment.
Thanks a lot.

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Be Careful!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 5/14/99. ( )

Drum Sanders really wind out, usually running 500-700 rpm, so if you build one - Keep that consideration in mind. They can be dangerous if the head can't take it!! We sell a Drum Sander (Or Buffer) but we do not have any plans for sale. Your best bet is to see a working one in a Tannery and model your own like it. Pay particular attention to the head construction, and its balance. By the way, we use a similiar sandpaper system to put the paper on our Buffers too!

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