Resizing Deer Capes after tanning

Submitted by Dak on 5/1/99. ( )

I purchased an auto tanner this year and am tanning with the Aluminium
Sulfate supplied. I have really liked the tan except that I had been having
trouble getting the capes over the form due to the Alum drawing up the skin.
I have found a very quick and easy way to stretch the capes back out.
I thought I would share it with you all..( I think this would work with any tanned skin)
It is easier to show how it's done but i'll give it a shot....
Take a 3/4 inch shelving board and cut it to the shape and length of an
ironing board..(tapered a little at one end..for you guys who have never
ironed a shirt..)Use a 9" board for a 18" neck..a 10" board for a 20" neck ..
11 inch board for a 22 inch neck........slide the cape over the tapered
end and up through the incision. ... Now tap the wide end of the board against
a concrete floor and keep tapping as you would set a axe head on an axe handle ...
the cape will work it's way down the board and expand to it's original circumference...
Give it a try works and works fast...

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You are over tanning or not fleshing

This response submitted by John C on 5/3/99. ( )

I watched a seminar where a taxidermist had problems with a cape like this. I inspected the cape and it was over tanned and way to dry. When this happens a quick rinse in cool clear water will relax the deer cape and all of the strech will come back.

Or you have not fleshed the cape correctly. JOHN C

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