Saftee-acid for the trip home

Submitted by Dan R. on 5/1/99. ( )

I;m going one a once in a lifetime trophy mule deer hunt
and I want to be sure that the cape (if I get one) remains
in perfect condition for tanning and mounting. After I
salt the cape for two days in camp would it be wise to mix
up a batch of saftee-acid in a 7 gallon sealable bucket and
leave the cape in the solution until I get home? I will
probably be in camp for 3 more days and the trip home is 2
days. This is my first question on the forum so don"t
laugh, okay?

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No laughing here!

This response submitted by J. T. Becker on 5/1/99. ( )

Hi Dan, best bet is after lip splitting, ear turning, etc.. salt, drain cape a day or two then open up, resalt''fresh salt'' then hang up to air dry. Then head home. Thats what I would do! Good luck on your hunt!

J.T. is giving some good advice!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 5/3/99. ( )

J.T. is right! Instead of pickling it in camp, flesh off the meat, salt and dry it! Its the best way to bring it home intact! Happy hunting!

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