Submitted by Ben K. on 3/16/99. ( )

I have a wildebeeste cape, NEW METHOD tan, already soaked up and sweated, but still kind-of ''not really relaxed good''. Would it help if I re-soaked, 15-30 minutes in water with alittle ''ultra-soft''.If so, about how much do I put per gallon of water and do I need to rinse it after the soak? Thanks in advance!!

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This response submitted by Jim at Jims taxidermy on 3/16/99. ( )

Ben you can relax it in some stuff called Relax R I
think you can buy it from WASCO or Mc Kenzie, I think
knoblochs makes it. I use one ounce to five gallons of
water. I know I'm not answering your exact question but
if you want to give something a try this works. Maybe you
will get some more help.


Ask Bruce

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 3/17/99. ( )

Ben, scroll down through some tanning questions, and you'll find Bruce's E-Mail many places. You might even find your question answered elswhere, I think I remember a similar discussion. Keith

US-609 should do it!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 3/17/99. ( rittel@ici.net )

You're right Keith! But just quickly - Use 1 part US-609 to 200 parts lukewarm water and soak the cape for 15-30 minutes in it. Once relaxed, it can be rinsed and mounted after draining. If its for a flat-skin, then re-oil it, sweat in the oil, tumble and dry. Good luck.

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