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Submitted by Glen on 3/16/99. ( Taxdrmist@aol.com )

I no i can find the whole formular to do a home tan in here but i dont have a lot of time on this pc.
Could someone give me a list of what i need for chemicals and amounts starting from the point after hides have been salted and dryed.
Mark if its in your catalog iv asked for one and that will do when i receive it.
Keep up the awsome work people this is great thanks Glen

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This response submitted by Mark Daniels on 3/16/99. ( knoblochs@worldnet.att.net )

Hi Glen

Your catalog should be on the way. If you want to use
a acid pickle, you will need either citric acid, formic
acid or Bascal S . Along with that you will need salt
bacteria cide (Basacryl NBKU)and a degreaser if you
have something thats greasy and some baking soda. If you
do not want to use acid you don't have to,you can just
do a PRE-TAN #110 bath which is 3oz PRE-TAN #110 1/1/2 lbs
of salt and bacteria cide. after the PRE-TAN pickle rinse
well after shaving, ring the water out then apply
LIQUA TAN.When you have the hides in the pickle
you will need to shave them in the middle of the process.

Try these formulas

1oz Bascal S
1oz formic acid or 2oz to 3oz of citric acid
1lb salt
1/8oz Basacryl NBKU

2-3oz BASCAL S
1 LB salt

no acid
1-1/2 lb salt
3oz PRE-TAN #110

All this is how much you need to use in each gallon
of water. It can get more complex than this but
like you said it can take a long time.
neutralize after an acid pickle then rinse well and
towel down the skin and apply LIQUA TAN.

Any questions call me or e-mail me

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