Tumbler Motor

Submitted by Tom on 3/16/99. ( kimberly@compucenter )

Just built a tumbler and need infomation on what size motor to put on it. Will reduce the speed by pulleys can any one help with type, model: #, speed. Plan on going to the local Grainger's and buying a motor. Tumbler is a 55 Gal plastic drum type. Thank's for any info

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This response submitted by Glen on 3/16/99. ( Taxdrmist@aol.com )

Hi tom i used a motor from a furnace you want it to turn around 1500-1750 rpm id check with a local burner man to see if he may have some used ones.You want your tumbler to turn about 20 revelutions a minut i used a real large pulley on the barrel almost the same size as the drum its a 55 gal. plastic barrel hope this helps Glen

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