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Submitted by Travis on 3/17/99. ( )

Whenever you guys get a true trophy from a customer do you still send your hides in to be tanned or do ya do it yourselves..I personally don`t like the word trophy just for the fact that if a customer brings in a 6 point buck to your shop he must consider it a trophy in his eyes...and rightfully so, but there are true trophieys out there. I know some of you old boys who hang out here have probably mounted a few state records and was curious about your tanning procedures when ya get a big buck to mount. Do ya shave a little thinner than other capes(to show vessels and detail)...or is your effort depend on what the customer is going to pay. I have seen several state record mounts and there is a huge difference in a "trophy mount" from a regular old 8 point....

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like this

This response submitted by Rob on 3/17/99. ( )

A trophy is in the eye of the beholder.I send all my deer size game and up off to a commercial tannery whether it is a B@C buck or a small spike.I believe the comercial tan is the best and longest lasting tan available to taxidermists.A taxidermist owes it to every paying customer to return a satisfactory mount for the money rendered.All of my hides are shaved in the exact same method so the detail will be determined by the mannikin and time of year animal was harvested.Now on to your final question about why some state records look so good compared to the average buck.There are two main reasons for this.The first reason is that the animal was probably mounted by a true professional with a reputation good enough to mount a state record.If you would look at a small deer mounted by the same person you probably wouldn't see a whole lot of difference other than antler size.This is generally your difference in the guys doing the 150 dollar small 8 point heads as you described compared to the 300 and 400 dollar "true trophy" heads.The second reason is many times the record antlers are actually casts of the original.This enables the taxidermist to use his better short hair capes with the large antlers to obtain the best possible looking mount.

Just wondering

This response submitted by Travis on 3/17/99. ( )

I sure don`t have anything against tanning companies, but it would seem to me that if ya had Sam collora walk in your shop with a buck like he shot, that you`d want to be 100% sure that nothing happened to the original cape. I wouldn`t let it out of my site if it was me. Course thats just a newbie`s opinion. I haven`t heard of a taxidermist doing a deer here in ks for less than 250/275---320 is the going price. I paid 300 5 years ago to one of our states best taxidermist...yes it`s good but i expected it to be a little better than what it was. I guarrantee ya that if it was a new state record it would have looked different...for one--it`s going to get a lot of visibilty from the public,magazines and all that good stuff...C`mon guys I want to hear some more...Thanks Rob


This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 3/18/99. ( arlcape@bright.net )

Hi Travis, guess what, I have a lot less slippage, and make a lot less holes than probably 99.9% of the taxidermists who do their own capes. I guess it's like what Rob said about the big ones going to a more accomplished taxidermist, you get the same thing with a quality tanner, ......experience, skill and ability. Keith

Out the door...

This response submitted by Perry on 3/18/99. ( pgk@ncentral.com )

I know there is no way in this life time, that I would be able to do as
good a job tanning any skin than my commercial tanner. After fleshing,
salting and drying, all my skins are punched with ID numbers and sent
to the tannery. For the more difficult skins to replace, I make arrangements
with the trophy owner to pay a little more for insurance in shipping to and
from the tannery. Knock on wood, cross my fingers...... (you get the idea).
In 7 yrs, I have never had a problem getting my own skins back from
the tannery. The last big one I sent was a life size desert sheep, it was insured
for 5K to and from. No problems. No muss. No Fuss. I'll be mounting it
in the next few months.

Thanks guys

This response submitted by Travis on 3/18/99. ( )

So much too learn and so little time. I appreciate your answers guys. I`m going to try my first few mounts on my own then I`ll probably do the tannery deal...I just figured that guys who get the state records did things a little different. With the glamorized world of deer hunting we live in I wasn`t sure how this was handled...

Kieth--- Ya know i`m a begginer at this and in know way was I putting down tanneries. I haven`t even ever delt with one before so I`m in the dark on that aspect. I just figured that if anybody would put a whole in a record cape it would want to be the taxidermist himself..Take care and thanks for your response.

Think of this . . .

This response submitted by Jerry S on 3/19/99. ( jds@vvm.com )

Travis, you may want to consider that anytime somebody does the same thing over and over, day after day, they usually get pretty good at it. The guys (and gals) who do the shaving at the reputable tanneries are experts at what they do. If it's a special hide, just give 'em a call when you send it in and make notations on the shipping invoice and it will probably get a little special care. There's no way that I WOULDN'T send the most important capes and hides to a reputable tannery. Just my opinion . . . Jerry

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