salt pack hides an i dont now what to do nex

Submitted by joebearwalker on 3/6/1999. ( )

i have 9 hides in salt pack and are completly dried with fur n all
what i need to now is how if at all possable, can i take the hids an rehydrat them ,so that their soft an plyable i plan to tann them with a solution of dogwood bark an ty them to strech rack i wish that i had the inards so that i can use them in the tanning prosess what may i sub sat ute in stead the brain n kedney mix that ive used be for
thanks for eny an all in put

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Why dogwood bark?

This response submitted by John C on 3/8/1999. ( )

I think the tanning you are trying to do. Is normally done with oak bark. Check the archives and see if you can find the www. address for the brain tan website.

IF its not done with modern chemicals we dont know about it here. Sorry. John c

Native American tan

This response submitted by Rob on 3/9/1999. ( )

I believe the tan your talking about was done by native americans long before modern chemicals.If you don't want to use the new stuff try the "Foxfire" books available at most bookstores.I belive they have a book with some info in it on tanning using brains-n-bark and such.GOOD LUCK

This response submitted by John on 3/14/99. ( )

There's the address. Goog luck. Sounds messy.

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