Skin Preparation

Submitted by Brad Bond on 3/20/99. ( )

I have a Sambar and a Fallow Deer skin ready for tanning,the following method was used is this correct?
1.salt skin liberally when i got home (skin in esky for approx 8-10 hours,
2. hang in hessian bag in cool place to allow juices to run off for 24 hours
3. remove as much salt as possible then resalt then freeze

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Why freeze?

This response submitted by Jeff T. Becker on 3/20/99. ( )

Hi, Brad, rather than freezing after resalting, lay skins out to dry. When dry,box for shipping or rehydrate for in studio dressing. Remember, salt keeps things from freezing, so by placing salted skins in a freezer, it won't freeze it completly. Have a great day!!

I like Jeff's method!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 3/21/99. ( )

Jeff has the best method - instead of freezing it - dry it! Once salted and dried, you will have set the hair, and the Salt will keep it preserved until you rehydrate and pickle and tan it. If you resalt it and try to freeze it - the salt will prevent freezing. Save your freezer space and dry it!


This response submitted by Brad on 3/23/99. ( )

i have already frozen them will they go off?

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