Question??? good bug proof tan for prarie dog.

Submitted by gary on 3/9/1999. ( )

;from gary need a good tan for a prarie dog.thank you.

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This response submitted by Bob C on 3/11/1999. ( )

Gary, There are several ways you could tan the critter. My first choice would be EZ100 sold by WASCO . Its simple to use and does a great job. You could also pickle in vinegar , salt and water. (1gal vin. , 1 gal water , 1 lb salt ) Pickle for a minimum of 3 days. Nutralize in bakeing soda and water (3 heaping tablspoons per gallon of water ) Rinse the skin well , drain and apply a cream tan of your choice. Either way will work for the tanning but neither is a bug proofer. Right now there is nothing on the market that will "bug proof " a skin. Your best bet with a small mammal is to put it in a glass case and put some moth balls in the case with the mount. You can hide them in the dirt so they wont be seen. Bob C

Thank you

This response submitted by Gary on 3/15/99. ( )

Thanks for your response.Was at our state show didnt get back till the 14 i am a bird taxidermist and dont dabble in much else
thanks again

Your friend in taxidermy Gary

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