Pickle with Liqui-tan

Submitted by Garrett on 3/10/1999. ( )

I am a beginner and I am trying to figure out the best process for tanning hides to be mounted, both on head mounts as well as lifesize mounts. I am convinced by the majority of you that dry preservatives is not the way I want to go. I would like to know if the pickle process can be used with liqui-tan. Everything that I have read suggests that a salt dry is the recommended process. Or is this also considered to be a dry preservative process? Help,I want to do the job right!
Thank you.

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Keep it simple !!

This response submitted by Marc on 3/10/1999. ( Marcs35@aol.com )

Garret read back over the postings and Im sure you will find the answers you are looking for. The best suggestion I can give is keep it simple for now being your just beginning. If you like liquatan ,I would suggest using Knoblocs Pre-tan in the rehydration it puffs the skin up a bit and makes it easier to shave. If you really want to get into tanning order a kit from WASCO either Lutan-f or Rittels Ez 100.
I tried Rittels and love it !!!!! Im not an expert Garret but I have had alot of trial and error over the last seven years and learn everyday. So hang in there and read the forun everyday and I bet you learn something everyday !!! Also Bruce Rittel is on the Forum from time to time and is always very helpful with tanning questions.

Pickle with LIQUA TAN

This response submitted by MARK DANIELS on 3/11/1999. ( knoblochs@worldnet.att.net )

Hi Garrett,
I'm glad that you asked that, because it is a frequent
asked question.
Yes you can use any pickle process with LIQUA TAN, citric acid
formic acid or use bascal s. If you don't want to use a acid
you can use just a PRE-TAN #110 pickle that works very well.
Run skins in the pickle you choose for 12 to 72 hrs.In the
PRE-TAN pickle we recommend to run skins up to 24 hours, doing
your shaving in that time as well. Rinse after PRE-TAN pickle
and shaving, drain well then apply LIQUA TAN. If you use an
acid, after you finsih with the pickle you will need to
neutralize the skins to a ph of 4.5 to 5.0. After neutralized
rinse then ring and drain well, you may also towel down the
skin taking excess water off. Put LIQUA TAN on then let sit
for 12 hours if you choose to use a swabbing oil then put the
swabbing oil on. If you want to mount the next day you can,
some let the skin sit for 3 to 4 days if they want to rinse
or wash lightly. The swabbing oils that you can use are
TANNING OIL #1 OR LIQUA SOFT. When you are letting the skins
dry with the salt on them that is better because that just
sets the hair even better no matter what tan you use.
LIQUA TAN is used be thousands daily, just to add a few that
Mc KENZIE, that have done articles on using LIQUA TAN. I know that
their are many many, more that I haven't even mentioned and
I appoligize to them, but thank you. Iam on the Internet daily
and I'm always glad to help anyone anytime. You can ask me any
question on the internet or personnaly. Thank you for using
KNOBLOCHS products. I don't try to use this as an
advertisement page but just to try and help any one with any
problem or any product.



This response submitted by MARK on 3/11/1999. ( knoblochs@worldnet.att.net )

Garrett I went back and didn't see an e-mail address but
get a hold of me and I will be glad to send you a KNOBLOCHS
catalog.303-666-9045 or leave your address on my e-mail.

Thank you

This response submitted by Garrett on 3/11/1999. ( )

Thank you for you gentlemen for your time and advise. I realize that practice is going to be the only way to determine the process that works best for me, but at this point any help that anyone can offer will be very appreciated. I would also like to thank everyone that participates on this forum. Having access to to people that are willing to help beginners is great!
Thank You!

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