Submitted by Shane on 3/23/99. ( )

I usually by Mortons all purpose salt for my tanning. Agway farm supply has always been my place of purchasing this type of salt. Now they stopped buying this prouduct. They carry a brand called,TOP FLO evaporated salt. The ingredients are salt, yellow prussiate of soda. Would any of you know if this salt is safe to use? The clerk said that other taxidermists have purchased this for tanning. But it really makes me nervous using this on customers mounts. Any help would be apreciated. Thank you Shane

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Top Flow

This response submitted by Bill on 3/23/99. ( )

Shane, I've used Top Flow in the past. OK for salting skins but I feel it's
too dirty for mixing solutions.

Salt Continued

This response submitted by John M. on 3/23/99. ( )

Shane, that salt should be fine to use in the tanning. I've used it
also, just make sure it is the fine grade salt. The dirt that Bill
referes to usually comes from the coaser grade of salt which also has
a little mineral in it. Beware of the ph in the pickel might rise
a little from the additive yellow persuit of soda. I had that problem.
Hope this helps John M.

evaporated salt

This response submitted by carl on 3/24/99. ( )

I use a product graded as Fishery Fine. its evaporated salt
and it works fine. the prussate of soda is used to prevent caking
it shouldn't affect the salt too much as I think most types do use it
as long as you use non Iodized salt it should work ok.

shan's salt

This response submitted by patrick on 3/24/99. ( )

shan quality farm and fleet sells morton all purpose salt try them.
if theres one by you that is.
if not theres a phone number on the bag.
call this number for morton and thay will tell you where you
can by it close to you.
as for top flow salt ive never tryed it .
i by all my salt right from morton in 80lbs bags.
hope this will help you . patrick


This response submitted by Shane on 3/24/99. ( )

Thank you guys, I feel safe with this salt. I'm going to give it a shot. I will let you know how it goes. Shane

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